Meeting Astronauts and Astronaut Autographs

Well Space fan's it is always nice to meet our heroes and if your are Astronauts how do you do it?

At the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex it is real easy to meet an Astronaut, they have some fabulous programs including Astronaut Encounter, where you will hear a recent Astronaut talk about their trips to the stars and what it was like to live, work and explore space and it is included with you admission.

KSC Visitor Complex also have Lunch with an Astronaut, one of the most popular programs at Kennedy Space Center, “Lunch With an Astronaut” gives visitors a one-of-a-kind experience to enjoy a delicious meal and meet a veteran member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps.
Lunch With an Astronaut
An impressive roster of astronauts appear, including Al Worden, Bob Springer, Bruce Melnick, Charlie Walker, Jon McBride, Wendy Lawrence and Winston Scott. Visit our Upcoming Events for a list of Astronaut Encounter & Lunch With an Astronaut guests!
Price is $24.99 for adults and $15.99 for children ages 3-11, in addition to admission.

If you would like to meet an astronaut, you can make reservations online or call 866-737-5235. Seating is limited.
Seating begins at 12:00 p.m. daily. Briefing runs approximately 1 hour.

KSC Visitor Complex also enjoys a number of visiting Astronauts who may have a book launch and signing. These events are often on various Astronaunt websites and in the passed I have met Jim Lovell, Scott Carpenter, Buzz Aldrin, Eugene Cernan, Charlie Duke and many more.

Above - Buzz Aldrin signs books
Below - Autographs from Charlie Duke,
Ken Mattingly, Jim Lovell and Eugene Cernan

Now some of you may say, what the big deal about Astronaut autographs, when you think how many people have been to the moon, flown in a shuttle and explored space, the number is very few and so many like minded individuals treasure of meetings with our heroes and enjoy the experience as it can be rare.

Most Apollo Astronauts, due to the payment originally recieved for carrying out their duties did not get a great salary and so book signings and mail off signings keep them in well deserved comfort in the latter years and it is great to do my part in helping them as they inspired me.

I will say that some Astronauts are under contract and cannot sign certain items and I recommend looking up your favourite Astronaut on-line and see if they have a genuine address you can purchase items from. Please be aware of contifit items for sale.

A great organization that has a year event at the Kennedy Space Center is the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation and apart from a small entrance fee, Astronauts will sign various photographs, posters and artifacts at a additional fee. Please know that this can range from $75.00 to $500.00 depending on the Astronaut. Again it is for a good cause and check out their website for more details. ASF also have a year subscription where you can collect autographs throughout the year for their Foundation.

Above - Eileen Collins
Below - Fred Haise

Autrographed Photo of Kathy Thornton

My small Gallery of meeting Astronauts

Brian Duffy

Guy Gardner

Al Worden

Rick Seafoss

Walt Cunningham

Story Musgrave

Sam Gemar

John Baha